Busy Butterflies Nursery

Busy Butterflies Nursery

Welcome to Nursery.

Here in nursery we are always happy, active and on the go.  We are ready to explore and learn from everything we do and don’t mind getting dirty in the process.  Our aim in Nursery is to create the firm foundations from which the children can build and achieve their full potential.  We are always glad to hear of your child’s achievements and especially love sharing your child’s wow moments.

Our children are separated into two bright and welcoming classrooms by their age.  Our youngest children, the two year olds are the Curious Caterpillars while the older children are the Busy Butterflies. 


Key Information

·        Hall Times/PE:  Tuesday morning

                                          Thursday morning

·        Toast money is payable on a Monday for the week. (20p a session)

·        Fund money is payable on a Monday (£2 a week)

·        Wrap Around Care payable on a Wednesday for the following week.

Class information

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