Eco Warriors and Forest Schools

Eco Warriors

The aim of Eco Schools at Coppull Primary School & Nursery is to improve the environment in school and the local community whilst also having a lifelong impact on our children and their families to encourage them to lead sustainable and environmentally friendly lives.

At Coppull Primary School & Nursery we have a team of Eco Warriors who meet each half term to discuss ways in which we can improve our school and community environments to ensure we are working in as sustainable and environmentally friendly way as possible.  Two Eco Warriors from Years 1-6 are elected by each class at the beginning of each school year.  They are responsible for attending Eco Warriors meetings and for reminding their teachers and class mates to work in eco-friendly ways.  Our Year 6 Eco Warriors check the school each lunchtime to ensure that any electrical equipment that is not being used is switched off, that each class and member of staff is recycling and at the end of the week we award our Eco Class of the Week in our Friday Celebration Assembly.  The Eco Warriors take part in a variety of activities during the after school club which runs in the Spring and Summer term such as gardening, projects to encourage wildlife into our school grounds, tree planting and energy monitoring.  They also help to plan our annual Eco Week in which every class takes part in sessions aimed at developing their sustainable and eco-friendly habits, help to maintain and develop the school grounds such as tree planting and the ever popular Trashion Show in which the children make clothing from rubbish.

Forest Schools

We are excited to be introducing Forest School education to our children at Coppull Primary School & Nursery.  The aim of Forest Schools is to enable children to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on experiences in a natural environment.  During Forest School sessions the children will develop communication, perseverance, problem solving and team work skills as well as gaining new knowledge about the great outdoors and practical skills.  As the children move through the programme they will be encouraged to identify a variety of flora and fauna, uses of the natural resources we have, lighting, cooking on and extinguishing fires safely, putting up shelters as well as how to safely use a variety of tools to create items from natural resources such as tent pegs, mallets and photo frames.  The time spent outdoors during Forest Schools sessions will be of great benefit to the mental health and wellbeing of our children.  The Forest Schools approach is learner-centred, meaning that the sessions will follow the children’s interests and adapted to their curiosity as they explore the outdoor world.

If you would like to find out more about Forest Schools, the approach and the ethos, please visit

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